Sunday, May 16, 2010


If ever there were
perfectly good 1.5 hour
lost to giddiness,
it was last night; feel-good nevertheless.
Babies suckling,
Babies crying,
Babies laughing,
Babies thumping
floor, babies thumping
themselves, babies thumping
each other, babies thumping
giddy cats; babies galore,
Babies with tinker toys,
Babies with nothin' more
than themselves: little boys,
And girls, and goats,
And mooing cows...

The lesson: never believe again
Women of childbearing age
Declaring: Surely you'll enjoy, I presage,
documentary notwithstandin'....

The hero of the movie, if there's one,
Was the heroic rooster, who done
The cute baby on bed peacefully a-snore,
Posed for the camera hidden behind door!!

(Tickets for two--$22)

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